Friday, August 22, 2008

Wendelin & Norbert Wunsch Death Register translations

The above images are from the Forbach sterberegister (Death Registry) from the Catholic Church in Forbach, Baden. I received the translation of the German from RF Translations in Wisconsin.

Here is what these images say:

Forbach, April 4, 1866
H. Bussmann, pastor

Wendelin Wunsch, citizen and charcoal burner, 65 years, five months, and 13 days old; legitimate son of Johannes Wunsch and Barbara, nee Kleehammer, deceased citizens from here; widower of Katharina Fritz from here, passed away here at five o'clock in the evening on April 3,1866, and was buried with medical permission at 10 o'clock in the forenoon on April 5 by the undersigned pastor. Witnesses were the local citizens Thomas Merkel, coroner, and Matthäus Wunsch, gravedigger.

Forbach, April 5, 1866
H. Bussmann, pastor

Side entrée: April 3. Wendelin Wunsch

Norbert Wunsch passed away here in Forbach at two o'clock in the afternoon, on October 10, 1857, and was buried by the undersigned on the 12th of the same month and year at 10 o'clock in the forenoon. He was 44 years old; the illegitimate son of the unmarried Katharina Fritz from Forbach; husband of Franziska Schoch and citizen, charcoal burner, from Forbach. Witnesses—citizens of Forbach: The day laborer Josef Wunsch, and the merchant Ludwig Fritz.

Forbach, October 12, 1857
(Signature) Huggle, pastor

Side entree: October 10. Norbert Wunsch

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wunsch research in Forbach, Baden records

[Death record for Norbert Wunsch, who died 10 Oct 1857, and his mother Catharina Fritz Wunsch, who died 11 Oct 1857; and Wendalin Wunsch (Norbert's father and Catharina's husband, who died 3 April 1866) from the Forbach sterberegister, pages 3 and 84.]

After waiting over two months for the microfilm from Salt Lake City, I finally have been able to examine the Forbach (Baden) Familienbüch. This film (FHL INTL Film #1045738) also included the Forbach sterberegister (death register) of the Catholic Church in Forbach, for the years 1857-1900, which was very helpful.

According to the German Research Outline, these familienbücher are more common in southern Germany, especially in Württemberg and Baden after 1808. These registers list the names of the wife and their birth dates and places, marriage date and place, parents' names, occupations, and residence.

Children are usually listed in chronological order. Names, birth dates, death dates are usually listed. In the Forbach familienbücher there is a cross-reference to the page number on which the child's family is continued.

I have been researching for the ancestry of my great-grandfather, Philipp Wunsch, which has not been investigated. On page 306 of the Forbach Familienbüch (Family Register), I found Philipp, born 18 April 1857, in Forbach; the son of Norbert & Francisca (Schock) Wunsch, who were married 8 May 1854. Norbert Wunsch is listed as the son of Wendalin Wunsch and his wife Catharina Fritz. He was born in Forbach, 31 May 1823; and died there, 10 October 1857. Francisca is named as the daughter of Matthias Schock and Luisa Feser. She was born in Forbach, 27 April 1831, and died 10 February 1899. I have not found her yet in the sterberegister. Norbert and Francisca had four children; sons Franz Anton and Philipp; and daughters Stefanie and Lucia.

The family of Wendalin and Catharina (Fritz) Wunsch is on page 289. Wendalin's parents were Johann Wunsch and Maria Barbara Klehamer. I have not been able to read who Catharina Fritz's parents were, but I did find her death record in the sterberegister, and I am having it translated by a service in Wisconsin. Wendalin was born in Forbach, 19 October 1800. He also died there, 3 April 1866. Catherina Fritz also lived her entire life in Forbach, born 26 August 1800; died 11 October 1857. She is listed directly under her son Norbert in the sterberegiser. They died one day apart. Wendalin and Catherina were married 11 August 1823. They had seven sons; Norbert, Franz Josef, Heinrich (who came to America, and lived in St. Louis), Severin, Max, and Adolf, and three daughters; Petronilla Stefanie, Luisa, an Mathilde.

Johann Wunsch and Maria Barbara Klehamer's family are on page 276. I cannot read who the parents of Johann Wunsch are, but will continue to research that question. He was born 26 December 1760. There is a death date given (19 March 1831) but there is a line drawn though it, so I don't know if this is correct. Maria Barbara's parents were Josef Klehamer and Elisabetha Weiser. She was born 21 December 1856. Her death date is not given, nor is the date of their marriage.
I will keep researching this film and hope to learn more. I will be ordering other parish records from Forbach and surrounding areas, in hope of obtaining more family records.